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3 Tips to improve your on-line profile

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There is no second chance for the first impression … Everyone knows the saying, right? However this is not just a saying, and can be explained with the halo effect. Essentially, our overall impression of a person (“He is good looking!”) impacts your perception of that person’s other traits (“He is also intelligent!”) … and this also works on-line. Here are three tips that help to optimize your on-line profile to be perceived more positive.

1. Use only good photos and pictures

Photos and pictures are the first thing we pay attention to even before we read the first sentence. Only one bad picture and the reader is more critical of the actual content. A bad photo on your on-line profile is like a selfie in your job application …

2. keep it short

The reader should understand at first glance what your content is about and what he can expect. It helps to write short and concise texts and to divide them well with headings. Few readers want to read page-long novels … rather an entertaining short story.

3. be an entertainer

Do you like watching depressing documentaries on TV? Well, most people don’t …. and they just use social media for their entertainment (even if used for business). It’s like on TV … when it’s boring or depressing, viewers switch over. So whatever you message is, try to be entertaining and interesting! This also applies to your profile.