Portrait of Rüdiger Rissmann on white background

Portrait photographer based in Zurich

Photographing people is my passion. I started my career as a portrait photographer in Zurich more than ten years ago. At that time I was on holidays and just wanted to document our underwater adventures. I always looked to improve my photography and the gear and equipment became more and more professional. As I took more and more pictures to test the equipment I discovered my passion for people photography and soon it became more than a hobby.

Photographing people is more that just pressing the button. It needs more than just a camera to take good pictures of people. It is my passion as photographer to get the best out of you and teach you the little hints and tricks that make you look good on pictures. As a result you will get the pictures you really love and will use over and over again for the next years!

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Fashion Stylist in Zurich: Someone has to make sure everything fits together … for me that is www.corestilo.ch
My Favorite craftsman in Zurich: If there is anything you need to be build he the man to go to! www.birchlerhandwerk.ch


Kurt Herzog 
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